Walk-through of Auxo Governance

On Sep 6, 2023 the DAO has voted to dissolve and enable redemption of treasury assets. The DAO is no longer operating. Read more on Treasury redemption.

Auxo is a decentralised and community-governed protocol. All actions undertaken are directed by token holders through on-chain voting by Active Reward Vault holders.

The core things subject to governance are as follows:

  1. Internal proposals (ie: setting fees)

  2. Whitelisting protocols for Farming operations

  3. Auxo Treasury

  4. Notarization of off-chain information

How does it work

Auxo uses off-chain voting to perform "temperature-checks" and on-chain voting to administer the protocol. Temperature-checks are votes are done offchain, using services like Snapshot. Such votes have a single purpose: to understand the sentiment of a specific subject, they are non-binding.

On-chain Voting is using to execute changes in the protocol, ARV holders are the only one able to participate in on-chain governance.

Holders of ARV are required to delegate their voting power in order to vote, it is strongly suggested to self-delegate in order to participate to the rewards distribution.

Voting on-chain can be done directly via the smart contracts or with the help of one of the many UIs supporting the Governor Bravo system, sush as Tally.

The DAO proposals will be voted either in Snapshot or in Tally based on their nature (off-chain or on-chain)

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