Rewards Vaults

All about ARV (Active Reward Vaults) and PRV (Passive Reward Vaults) products in the Auxo DAO

Every month, the Auxo DAO distributes 100% of the yield resulting from its treasury farming operations to Auxo stakers.

On Sep 6, 2023 the DAO has voted to dissolve and enable redemption of treasury assets. The DAO is no longer operating. Read more on Treasury redemption.

Users staking $AUXO have two options: The Auxo Active Rewards Vault (ARV) or the Auxo Passive Rewards Vaults (PRV) will be entitled to receive a portion of that yield as reward. As a Tl;dr:

πŸ—³οΈ Choose ARV if you are willing to commit to active governance while receiving the highest possible returns (rewards)

⛱️ Choose PRV if you are willing to be passive on governance by holding a governance-free and transferable asset.

Each vault will distribute WETH, and the amount is given by different factors as explained in the following sections.

ARV (Active Rewards Vault)

Is a non-transferable asset that yields monthly rewards for governing the DAO. It receives 70% of total rewards, can be redeemed for AUXO after an unlock date, and has the option to exit to PRV by paying a 20% early lock termination fee. Rewards are distributed on a monthly basis to active holders (who voted during the previous month). The amount will be subject to a level system that boosts the rewards of those with longer expiration dates β€” levels decay on a monthly basis, and should be boosted periodically to maximize the rewards received.

PRV (Passive Rewards Vault)

Is a transferable asset that yields monthly rewards while being free from governance obligations. PRV requires users to be staked for an entire epoch to qualify for distribution. 30% of the Treasury Farming will be distributed monthly as rewards to all qualifying PRV. The ARV→PRV conversion is irreversible, but PRV can be withdrawn for AUXO (subject to budget availability and a fee).

Rewards can be claimed as long as the address exists in any of the merkle trees, regardless if it has an active lock or not.

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