Every month the DAO operators will issue the rewards distribution to ARV and PRV holders. ARV holders must notarize the distribution before rewards can be distributed

Rewards Distribution and Eligibility in a nutshell

Every month the DAO will distribute 100% of its farming yield to the ARV and PRV vaults in a 70%/30% ratio. ARV and PRV token holders will receive rewards in WETH if they are eligible.

  • ARV holders are eligible only if they voted at least once during the EPOCH. All votes count, regardless if on-chain or off-chain.

  • PRV holders are eligible if they have staked their tokens for the entire EPOCH.

On-chain voting requires self-delegation before a vote can be considered valid.

The Notarization ProcessChecking your Eligibility


Any issues or bugs must be reported in Discord’s Support channel. After their resolution a new vote will be cast and the process will start over.

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